Face-to-face courses in: Manizales and Santa Marta.

Online Courses: 24/7

ESTUDIOS CAMBRIDGE, offers 100% communicative English courses conducted by Native English Language Teachers (Different nationalities, so that vocabulary and accents are no problem) and Professionals in Modern Languages ​​with High Quality Standards.

Certificamos por medio de la Prueba Internacional APTIS del Consejo Británico, por ello el certificado APTIS cumple como requisito de grado para: UNIVERSIDAD AUTONOMA DE MANIZALES, UNIVERSIDAD DE CALDAS, UNIVERSIDAD DE MANIZALES y entre otras. Ya que se encuentra bajo la NTC 5580 del Ministerio de Educación de la República de Colombia.

We certify English through the British Council APTIS International Test, which can be used to demonstrate foreign language proficiency at: UNIVERSIDAD AUTONOMA DE MANIZALES, UNIVERSIDAD DE CALDAS, UNIVERSIDAD DE MANIZALES, among many others nationwide since it is under NTC 5580 from the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Colombia.

We certify Spanish proficiency through DELE test by Instituto Cervantes in Spain.

Experience: We have over 20 years of experience in the field of bilingualism and have participated in Macro Education projects such as: Caldas Bilingue, Magdalena Bilingual and Manizales Bilingue.

What makes our system exclusively the best to learn English?

  1. Highly qualified national and native teachers from different countries with different accents.

  2.  Personalized courses from 1 to 7 students maximum.

  3.  Each student has a Coach or Personal Trainer to accompany them online during their studies.

  4.  APTIS international exam at the end of the first four levels INCLUDED.

  5.  Michigan MTELP exam at the end of each level.

  6.  We only work with students who pass international exams at each level and who respond to the requirements agreed upon in the contract. These involve additional conversational practices apart from official classes and individual work with their Personal Trainer online or face to face if required.

  7.  We do not charge annual tuition or for materials.

  8.  Immersion days occur every semester in different cities or abroad (special costs apply).

  9.  English courses with preparatory academic content for international exams such as: TOEFL, MICHIGAN, IELTS, EALTS, APTIS.

  10.  International certification of skills learned with Estudios Cambridge.


Length of each level: approximately 3 months.

Number of classroom hours per week: 4 hours per week

Schedules: the personalized courses are given at the time requested by the client and with groups with different schedules (morning, afternoon or night time from Monday through Saturday.)

Number of hours of personal practice to respond to personal trainer: 10 hours per week.

Cost of each course: The value of each course depends on whether it is personalized, with a group or with existing agreements with private and public companies. Please request an appointment for a personal assessment of your needs and conditions.

Do you know English? Are you qualified for jobs for Bilingual positions:  JOB OFFERS: COLOMBIA BILINGUE  



our courses

PERSONALIZED COURSE: Focused on professionals who require English with specific purposes for their work, but also need to select their own schedule.


        Custom 30 Hours: Includes Aptis. *

        Custom 50 Hours: Includes Aptis. *

        Customized by Hours: For your needs.

GROUP COURSES: Focused on those people who need to be bilingual and have flexible schedules.

        GROUP 7: Maximum 7 students, schedules are consulted with the group. It includes Aptis *. 

        CHILDREN: Playful classes designed specifically for children, with the purpose of creating a love for bilingualism.

        It includes Aptis. *



ENGLISH COURSES FOR SPECIAL PURPOSES: with the sole purpose of helping you achieve your goals and dreams at work and in your academic field through English as a second language.


DIPLOMA COURSE IN TRANSLATION AND SIMULTANEOUS INTERPRETATION: 100% Practical and oriented by a Certified Translator and Interpreter in English and Spanish. This program is designed for those who want to work as English-Spanish-English translators or interpreters.

Unique Diploma Course in simultaneous and consecutive interpretation both in Spanish and English. In Colombia, it is oriented by professional interpreters in practice and taught with interpretation equipment that offer the opportunity to perform real practices in conferences, congresses, businesses or meetings for students who attained the competencies aimed at in this course. Immediate national and international job opportunities.

The Diploma focuses on:

  1. Practical classes of simultaneous and consecutive interpretation of four hours per week.

  2. Complementary workshops taught by experts to acquire basic tools for the profession of interpreter (vocal technique, memorization, note taking, etc.)

  3. Voluntary internships with teams.

TEACHING METHOD: Diploma teachers are the best interpreters in Colombia with extensive experience and outstanding competencies willing to teach you the techniques, resources, training and practice for the skills necessary to perform as a conference, business or personal affairs interpreter.


We handle different accents in English to prepare you for any interpretation experience. We have our own technical equipment for interpretation that we regularly use for our work in the field. As the student develops sufficient skills, we offer voluntary and / or paid internships to start working as an interpreter.

Type of education: Face-to-face 100% of the time


Aimed at: Professionals from different fields who have at least a B2 level of English and Spanish language and who seek to work professionally partially or totally in interpretation.

Language test: sight translation both direct and reverse and interview with teachers.

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