Aptis * is an international test of the British Council that is currently applied in 56 countries including Colombia. Aptis * is currently presented in 3 versions:


 APTIS GENERAL: Focused on anyone who wishes to certify their knowledge in the English Language.

 APTIS TEENS: Focused on Teens

 APTIS TEACHERS: Focused on Modern Languages ​​professionals




  1. Schedule it whenever you want.  Aptis * can be taken 24 hours after paying for the test. There are no scheduled dates in which you decide when to take the international test and the results take a maximum of 3 business days. * Programming depends on supply and demand.

  2. Free training: Once a month, CAMBRIDGE STUDIES schedules a training session to explain the type of contents and characteristics of the test. It is TOTALLY FREE FOR STUDENTS OF MODERN LANGUAGES U. CALDAS.

  3. Personalization: Aptis * allows you to choose the skills to be evaluated in any of its 3 versions.

  4. Specialized courses in APTIS: If it is a requirement to produce a certified level of English to your university or work certified with Aptis and if you do not have an extensive knowledge of the English language, you can sign up for one of our Pre-Aptis courses.

  5. Results: The results are really fast and can be consulted through any of the offices of the British Council in the World.

  6. Costs: It depends on the amount of skills you select. (The students of the universities of CALDAS and SANTANDER apply for special discounts).


* Aptis is a trademark of the British Council. Estudios Cambridge S.A.S. with Nit. 900,747,157-9 has been authorized to distribute and be an APTIS test center in the Coffee Axis and the Atlantic Coast of the Republic of Colombia since March 18, 2016.








The APTIS exam of the British Council is endorsed by the Colombian Ministry of Education to validate proficiency in English at different levels, which is a graduation requirement at any university program in the country. Each university defines what skills are required and what level. Here are some examples: (The full list of Aptis users can be requested if required)


  • Javeriana University: Level B2 in all skills.

  • Caldas University: Level B1 in Reading for all undergraduate studies, except modern languages ​​that demands level B2.

  • Autonoma de Manizales University: Level B1 in the four skills and B2 for International Business students.

  • Manizales University: Level B1 in the four skills

  • Santander University: Level B1 in Reading and writing.


The advantages of the APTIS exam are:


You can take it on fixed dates announced in advance. The price varies if you need to take the exam on a different date or city because of the administrative costs involved. You can receive free training with Cambridge Studies on a specific date each month if you are a university student in agreement with Estudios Cambridge. Drills and detailed information on the structure of the exam can be found at our website: www.estudioscambridge.com.


MANIZALES - (LAST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH): FEE $ 236,000 * Limited candidates. 

MANIZALES - (Any day): FEE $ 300,000


NOTE 1: Prices in different cities may vary due to logistics and travel costs of our evaluators.

NOTE 2: Schedules and dates range according to supply and demand. No reservation is valid in our offices until the payment of the candidate is credited and the contract with the conditions to take APTIS has been completed and accepted.


The value to be paid varies if it is not a local deposit. The official fee listed above is maintained if made in cash at our offices or if it is made by bank transfer to our account in Bancolombia.


Answers to common questions


What is the British council?


The British council is an international organization based in the United Kingdom and whose purpose is to provide cultural relations and academic opportunities. It is currently present in 118 countries, including Colombia.


What test should I take?


The Ministry of National Education authorizes 12 exams to demonstrate proficiency in English and meet official graduation requirements: The APTIS test is ONE OF THEM.


Who gives the Aptis exam in MANIZALES, SANTA MARTA and DORADA?


Estudios Cambridge S.A.S. is the institution authorized to apply the Aptis tests in the Coffee region and the Atlantic Coast.

When is there free training?


Free training for Aptis Tests is scheduled every month to present the test structure, describe types of questions, length, and successful strategies.

Aptis del Consejo Británico

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